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Namor Doesn’t Seduce Kids

namor doesn't seduce kids

Hope Summers: If I called you the king of ab-lantis, would you judge me?
Namor: Yes. Favorably.
Hope Summers: You know…going swimming with you was a hell of a lot more fun than doing laps. When we get out of this, I’d love to see Atlantis.
Namor: You have my permission to visit whenever you wish. Enjoy yourself.
Hope Summers: I was kinda hoping for…
Namor: Cease. Namor reserves personally showing his kingdom for women he’s seducing, and you are simply not my type.
Hope Summers: I didn’t mean it like that! And…Wait, what? You just sexed a tapeworm!
Namor: Yes. But a man must have standards. You’re a child. And even if you weren’t… Redheads. Ick! Ick! Ick!

Uncanny X-Men Vol. 2 #8


    • I’m pissed at the fact that Gillen wasn’t given the run of AVX. Maybe if they did, the whole thing wouldn’t have been that much of a clusterfuck. Consequences was the only good thing that came out of AVX.

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