aunt may on life

Aunt May: You know what life is, Peter? What it really is?
Spider-Man: A doughnut?
Aunt May: No.
Spider-Man: Because I’ve got a great joke about how life is a doughnut and the hole in the middle represents..
Aunt May: Life isn’t a doughnut, Peter. It is the inevitability of hard times, which we survive only because of the moments of joy in between. You are that joy. The moments we had with the Avengers were that joy. Now comes the inevitable. And we will deal with it, and get to the other side, where more moments of joy are waiting for us.
Spider-Man: In for a penny, in for a pounding, is that it?
Aunt May: Something like that.
Spider-Man: My doughnut joke would’ve been funnier.
Aunt May: I’m sure it would have, Peter.

From – Amazing Spider-man Vol. 1 #536

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