Cyclops: It just isn’t fair… It makes me so angry. I feel like punching out the next moron who calls me a freak. What if I took off my glasses and just blasted someone–
Professor X: I possess quite a mind Scott–I can read the minds of others–But I cannot predict the future. Even so, I’m going to predict yours. One day–sooner or later–You’re going to run into someone a lot weaker than you who is going to try and push you down.

Cyclops: Why?
Professor X: Because you’re stronger and weak people fear you. And what will you do when that day comes?
Cyclops: Push back.
Professor X: No. You’ll simply do nothing. Real strength, Scott, comes from keeping your glasses on until the time is right to take them off. A truly powerful man doesn’t need strength. He needs control.

From – X-men Prelude to Schism #1

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