Iron Man: I feel the fillings in my teeth rattle, and I know it’s on.
Magneto: This one is arrogant and reckless, even for a human, but in my experience, he is no fool. Surely he would not dare attack me, of all mutants, in a simple suit of iron? If he has, this will be a very short battle indeed. My power courses through his armor, and I have my answer.
Iron Man: Carbon nanotubes. I’m sorry, if you thought this fight would be over by now, then we must not have met. Name’s Tony Stark. You may know me from such things as routinely using my amazing intellect and unparalleled resourcefulness to save the entire world. Did you really think I’d set foot on the island home of the mutant master of magnetism without a plan? Do you know what my old drinking buddy and sometimes tennis doubles partner Mike Tyson always likes to say… Everybody’s got a plan…

magneto vs iron man

Until they get punched in the mouth.

From – AVX VS #1

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