batman's methods

Penguin: Snicker all  you want. You are well aware he’s capable of anything.
Mad Hatter: I would kill for some hot water right about now…
Scarecrow: You know what I like…? No skylights here. No stained glass windows. You know how he does that crashing-through thing?
Penguin: I hate the crashing-through thing.
Mad Hatter: There’s probably not an intact stained glass window in all of Gotham by now.
Penguin: Hey–That’s what we should do… Open a stained glass window repair business. We’d make a mint. Know what else I loathe? Those batarangs.
Scarecrow: Where does he come up with these names? How about the deep voice from the shadows? You have a bead on him–
Mad Hatter: And then he’s behind you.
Penguin: And always so talkative.
Scarecrow: Ha! Can barely get a complete sentence out of him. It’s like he pays by the syllable.
Mad Hatter: Would it kill him to have a normal conversation just once? “How was your day?” And then the right hook.
Scarecrow: He does it–all of it–to scare us.
Penguin: We know this…
Mad Hatter: …And yet it works anyway.

From – Batman The Dark Knight Annual #1

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