arrow cave
Harley Quinn: Where are we?
Green Arrow: You’re in the arrow cave. It’s deep underground and lead-lined. Superman won’t think to look for you here and, even if he did, he can’t see in.

arrow cave 2Harley Quinn: It’s nice to be drugged and wake up handcuffed in a lair. My puddin’ and I used to do this every thursday. “Arrow Cave” is a pretty stupid name, though.
Green Arrow: Hey!
Harley Quinn: I know Batman has a Bat Cave but that makes sense, bats like in caves. Arrows don’t live in caves, they’re inanimate objects, they don’t live at all. Why don’t you call it, like, “The Quiver?”
Green Arrow: That… is actually better.

From – Injustice Gods Among Us #05

One thought on “A Better Name Than The Arrow Cave”
  1. This was followed by only one of the most disturbing moments I’ve witnessed in the DC universe.

    Green Arrow’s “little maniacal laugh”…

    Some of the best writing I’ve ever read, love the Injustice series.

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