Well, June was an awesome month. It was a month of shattered records. A while back I figured I should set a goal of attaining 5000 hits. The goal was getting 500 hits each month, and hopefully by September I would be successful. Now it’s just a few days into July and I’ve already reached that goal, and more. I couldn’t exactly pinpoint on what it was exactly that made it all possible. My list of suspects goes like this:

1. New domain name.

2. Following a friend’s advise of putting photos along with the text quotes, plus coming up with better titles than the previous method of using the character’s names.

3. The continuous awesome content from the Injustice Gods Among Us comic series.

4. The new hashtag feature from Facebook that I’m using shamelessly.


Whatever it is, it works beautifully. The lowest hit count I’ve received so far in the past weeks was never even below 20. Hopefully it goes on to become even larger. My target goal right now is to get 8000 hits before the month is over. Looks daunting, but I’m feeling positive that it can get done.


By chan

Jul 5, 2013

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