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Category: Logs

10 million views comicnewbies

10 Million Views

  I really miss the old stats page. It used to show the total views in the same page as the daily stats. Now it’s just relegated into a small […]

9 million views comicnewbies

9 Million Views

  Most likely the last milestone for the year of 2017. Still hard to believe that about 4 years ago 20 views a day was already groundbreaking for me. Thanks […]

7 million

7 Million Views

Gotta say I absolutely hate this new stats page by WordPress. Is there really no option to bring back the old one? That said, thanks for the 7 million views […]

Mobile View

Storage ran out so I finally was forced to purchase the Premium plan in order to get more space. Pity the old storage packages has already been phased out. Hope […]