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10 million views comicnewbies

10 Million Views

  I really miss the old stats page. It used to show the total views in the same page as the daily stats. Now it’s just relegated into a small […]

9 million views comicnewbies

9 Million Views

  Most likely the last milestone for the year of 2017. Still hard to believe that about 4 years ago 20 views a day was already groundbreaking for me. Thanks […]

7 million

7 Million Views

Gotta say I absolutely hate this new stats page by WordPress. Is there really no option to bring back the old one? That said, thanks for the 7 million views […]

Mobile View

Storage ran out so I finally was forced to purchase the Premium plan in order to get more space. Pity the old storage packages has already been phased out. Hope […]


6 Million Views

Time sure does fly. To think I hit the 4 million and 5 million mark on this same year as well. Thankful. So thankful. And grateful!

4 million views

4 Million Views

  The days are long but the months are short. Thanks to all my old and new readers! Since my last views update, I’ve started posting Archie Comics, Power Rangers […]

3 million views

3 Million Views

  I’m hitting the million milestones faster every year. Thanks to everyone who keeps coming back. Even bigger thank you to the ones who are sharing the pages to their friends.

comicnewbies alexa january 2016

Alexa Rank (1-2016)

  Great improvement from when I first checked my Alexa rankings. Been reading a lot of opinions about how Alexa isn’t really a good measuring stick of your site’s rankings.



Got my 1000 likes back in August 2015. I’m loving the faster turnaround this time. 🙂

2 million views comicnewbies

2 Million Views

Really happy that I reached this milestone within the same year of getting my first million. Again, thanks to everyone who keeps coming back. 🙂

Small Measure Of Success

Took me a while to jot this down, but sorta had a high a few weeks back when I learned that I actually influenced one of my readers to buy […]

New Layout

I’ve been testing this one out a couple of times the past week, and I like it. Not sure how this is gonna affect my stats but I’ll never know […]

3 years

3 Years Of Blogging

This blog has been active for 3 years! I originally started this as a personal blog, then sometime November I deleted the measly entries I’ve made, and renamed the blog […]



Much thanks to the regular people who keeps liking my stuff. We did it! ^_^


1337 Milestone

It took me longer than I would have liked to understand the meaning of this achievement. I figured the next one would be 2000 posts, or 5000. Why did I […]