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Category: Logs

1 million views

1 Million Views

It took me approximately 2 years and 3 months to reach this milestone. This is one of the very rare times that I can claim I have a million. Thanks […]

stumbleupon paid discovery

Stumbleupon Paid Discovery

Last year on September my site hits went into overdrive. On a good day I was averaging 2000 but at one point in that very lucky week, I nailed a […]

New Banner

Had a new banner made by a friend. The old one was just supposed to be temporary and it lasted 2 years. I especially like the Batman silhouette standing instead […]

alexa ranking 10-2014

Alexa Rank (10-2014)

Someone proficient with SEO gave me some tips on how I can improve my site rankings. Who knew leaving an alt title for images actually helps? So it looks like […]

2nd wordads

WordAds Is Real

Just went through my logs and it seems I never posted an entry about actually collecting my first WordAds earnings. Well unbelievers, sorry to disappoint but WordAds is real. I […]

3rd wordads payment

14 More Days

I finally reached the $100 payment threshold for WordAds, and according to their group page: We have posted the WordAds earnings for July 2014. You can see what your site has […]

3k page views

4 Milestones Reached

August has been real good to me, and it hasn’t even been a whole week yet! Just logging down these recent accomplishments. 1. 300,000 hits reached! 2. Also using the […]

New Article Page

Decided to create a new look for the Articles page. Before I’ve been content with just using the category page but seeing that a lot of my friends keep missing […]

First WordAds Payment

So it’s been a month after I wrote this post about being approved for WordAds and I did say I was going to post my first result. Waiting 3 weeks until I […]

500 posts

500 Posts Milestone

See? It says so riiiight here. It might sound really simple and basic to the people who already know this, but I realized that the larger the number of my […]

Pinterest Comicnewbies


Trying out this Pinterest thing. Seems easy enough. From what I understand I create a board and fill it with pictures or links with similar themes. Can’t be more difficult […]

200l pageviews

200,000 Hits Reached

Boy, it was only 3 months ago that I reached my goal of 100,000 views. I’m astounded once more at the immense leap of improvement my blog has gone through […]

Added New Tabs

Added new tabs for both “Marvel” and “DC” to better help navigate the entries. I’m going with the assumption that leaving the category links on the sidebar isn’t much help. […]

Adding Twitter

Gonna try this Twitter thing again.  Created a new account instead of my old and unused personal one, and added a plugin on the sidebar. Also, added a new tab […]

wordads approval

Approved For WordAds

Yesterday I received an email notifying me that my application for WordAds has been accepted. I honestly can’t remember when I applied, it must have been when I first bought […]

2978 page views

Latest Milestone

I’m very much thankful for the huge page views I’m getting lately. ^_^ I originally planned on only getting 250,000 views by the end of the year, but seeing how […]