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Category: Logs


25,000 Reached!

So I set the goal of site views to 25,000 for the end of the year. And had someone told me I’d be reaching that level mid-November, I would have […]

Facebook Page!

I now have a Facebook page. I figured it would be best to share the posts from that page instead of my own personal account. Hopefully I’ll gain more […]

What To Do With The Quote Category

Since I started inserting pictures/scans on my daily posts, the amount of possible posts increased. I even went back to comics that I’ve already read and took material from before […]

10,000 page views


And 4 months ahead of schedule! I’d jump for joy if I wasn’t so tired and sleepy from work.

Top Posts

I’ve noticed that links on the recent posts section on the sidebar are getting some minor hits each day. These minor hits always stop after the post is no longer […]

Random Mumblings

Browsing through some old entries and decided I was in the mood to add a few images on the really old entries. Added the photo for this entry. Then from […]

Sitemap and Google Webmaster Tools

Trying something that I don’t have any idea on. I just created an account with Google Webmaster Tools. From there, I added what I think is an sitemap link from […]

New Goal

Well, June was an awesome month. It was a month of shattered records. A while back I figured I should set a goal of attaining 5000 hits. The goal was […]

I just bought a domain name for the first time in my life, and I thought it be best to start being more organized. It’s been at least 6 months […]