I finally reached the $100 payment threshold for WordAds, and according to their group page:

We have posted the WordAds earnings for July 2014. You can see what your site has earned by going to Settings > WordAds > Earnings in your blog’s Dashboard.

For those with a balance over $100, payment will be issued to the PayPal address you have provided at Settings > WordAds in your blog’s Dashboard by the last business day of the month, August 29.

So just 14 more days  and I can finally withdraw my payment. Gaaaah so excited! o_O

3rd wordads payment

*Late edit. Here’s my post on the payment.

By chan

Aug 15, 2014
8 thoughts on “14 More Days”
  1. Congrats, can’t wait for mine too. I got approved July 31st. I guess my August earnings will be posted middle of septmeber. I already have 90,000 page views on 15th of August.

    Can you guess what my likely earning will be?

    1. Thanks Timothy! It’s hard to say with page views but you can get an idea on how large your payment will be by checking the Ad Impressions. We think the current rate is $0.22 per 100 ad impressions.

  2. Thank you for posting this sort of information. It’s nice to know before considering the program. Are you able to share how many page views you had for July? Impressions is a tricky number to dissect. If that’s too personal to share, feel free to disregard.

      1. That’s a higher impression-to-page view ratio than I’ve heard of elsewhere. Nice job. Do you remember how many page views you had on average when you were first accepted? They don’t print the page view requirements anywhere.

      2. I got accepted in May. Here are my stats from the month before:

        February – 24k+
        March – 32+
        April – 32+

      3. Regarding the stats from the months prior to your acceptance: that sounds about right. I’ve heard from one source that it takes 20-25k page views per month. But also another source said that it’s possible to be accepted with less. I’ve heard that the bare minimum requirement is anywhere from 5k-25k page views per month.

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