Just went through my logs and it seems I never posted an entry about actually collecting my first WordAds earnings. Well unbelievers, sorry to disappoint but WordAds is real. I received the full amount I posted here without any trouble at all. There was a delay if I remember correctly, but I think it was just a day and perhaps due to the different timezone. But who cares right? I got paid real money for blogging!

Fast forward 1 month later and I’m set to receive the next batch of payment. I guess I’m fortunate in the fact that majority of those who viewed my pages are from the US.


2nd wordads

September was a really good month thanks to all the clicks from StumbleUpon. Still trying to figure that site out hoping I can duplicate what happened on September. New goals for the blog are reaching 1000 posts (currently at 67o) and getting a payment from WordAds every month. Based on my October stats it seems September was a fluke but the goal is still perfectly possible.

By chan

Oct 15, 2014
12 thoughts on “WordAds Is Real”
  1. Can you tell me how many visitors you are having per month with the money you the getting? I just got approved for my site for wordads so just interested.

      1. Correct me if I’m wrong. If on one page there are 3 ads displaying, that counts as 3 impressions? And how come your page views and impressions are different? Does it not show ads on all pages or something else?

      2. That I don’t know the answer to. WordAds doesn’t have a lot of information with regards to how Ad Impressions are counted. For the other question it’s possible some viewers have ad blockers or something. Your guess is as good as mine on this.

  2. A tip: use read more function or even better a pinterest / boxed / masonry / mini post / magazine type template, so you can have more page views… if you use only read mre not template cut images in parts. Other tip: move your blog to a self hosted (u need to buy hosting) wp.org blog.. or create a blog with blogspot (100% free) and use adsense from google (they pay better) or other ads provider or ways to make money… dont be a wp.com adwords slave. Blogspot is better vs wp.com, free 100%, 15GB space not 3GB, you can edit you template color, text, css for free… you dont pay to map you domain, internet is full with free templates for blogger and you can upload them for free on you blogspot.. its harder but free to use facebook, disqus comments, or you can use 2 comment system in the same time, but is harder, you need to edit your template or you can buy a premium template with 21$ from theme forest: http://themeforest.net/tags/blogspot … and alote more cool things… in a few word with blogspot you can have for free all + more from what you must pay 100 $ on wordpress.

  3. 2 more things, blogspot never, never run ads on your blog and you can export blog from wp to blogspot you have a free option in blogspot to redirect you old url to new1..but you will have to work for some time if you have 100s of posts.

  4. Hi chan,
    when i read this post and other post about pageviews vs ad impression, there is a same situation; almost 50% pageviews was “lost”. Maybe i should wait for next month to see my pageviews VS ad impression in a whole month.
    How about December 2015 report?

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