WordAds Is Real

Just went through my logs and it seems I never posted an entry about actually collecting my first WordAds earnings. Well unbelievers, sorry to disappoint but WordAds is real. I received the full amount I posted here without any trouble at all. There was a delay if I remember correctly, but I think it was just a day and perhaps due to the different timezone. But who cares right? I got paid real money for blogging!

Fast forward 1 month later and I’m set to receive the next batch of payment. I guess I’m fortunate in the fact that majority of those who viewed my pages are from the US.


2nd wordads

September was a really good month thanks to all the clicks from StumbleUpon. Still trying to figure that site out hoping I can duplicate what happened on September. New goals for the blog are reaching 1000 posts (currently at 67o) and getting a payment from WordAds every month. Based on my October stats it seems September was a fluke but the goal is still perfectly possible.