I’ve noticed that links on the recent posts section on the sidebar are getting some minor hits each day. These minor hits always stop after the post is no longer showing. So I wonder, is it because some viewer is clicking the links while reading the latest entry? Or is it some bot that automatically clicks whatever is on that sidebar?

Whatever the answer is, I want to take advantage of it. I planned to add a new section in the sidebar titled “Top Posts”, which would display the blog’s entries with the most page views. Browsing through the widgets section, imagine my delight when I found a ready widget for it. So it looks like I don’t have to manually code the links in html, and it even displays the links with thumbnail photos!

Sadly, the hitch is that the widget is glitchy, or maybe I just didn’t read the description well enough. It’s displaying the post links all right, but they’re not the most viewed entries. I think they’re just being pulled randomly. I’m of a mind to replace it with a text field which I can code in manually, but the thumbnail photos are just too cool to look at. And I know I can have them as well if I go the manual route, but I’ll most likely be too lazy to do it. So current widget stays… For now.

By chan

Jul 31, 2013

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