After ending the long running Volume 1, Uncanny X-Men Volume 2 features Cyclops and his Extinction Team from the island nation of Utopia. Leading what could possible be a group of the most powerful mutants, Cyclops has issued a warning to the world that anyone who harms mutants has to answer to him.

uncanny x-men volume 2

A complete list of all Uncanny X-Men Volume 2 posts in chronological order.

  1. Cyclops Explains What The Extinction Team Is
  2. Extinction Team
  3. Emma Frost’s Secondary Mutation
  4. Cyclops’s Letter To Humanity
  5. Extinction Team VS An Army Of Sinisters
  6. What The X in X-Men Means
  7. What Hope Summers Thinks of Mr. Sinister
  8. Danger VS An Army Of Sinisters
  9. The Extinction Team Stares Down The Celestials
  10. Juggerlossus
  11. One Of Namor’s Virtues
  12. Magneto Burns Psylocke
  13. Good Apex Doesn’t Know Sarcasm
  14. Namor’s Taste In Women
  15. Juggerlossus 2
  16. Namor Doesn’t Seduce Kids
  17. The Extinction Team In Action
  18. How Unit Disabled Emma Frost and Namor
  19. Why Namor Admires Cyclops
  20. Red Hulk Makes Juggerlossus Angry
  21. Red Hulk VS Juggerlossus
  22. Cyclops’s Avengers Protocol
  23. Hepzibah Flirts With Namor
  24. Namor VS The Thing
  25. Namor’s Friend With Benefits
  26. A Delirious Doctor Nemesis
  27. The Phoenix Five
  28. Psylocke Takes Out Magneto
  29. Juggerlossus VS Magik
  30. Cyclops Was Right

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