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First WordAds Payment

So it’s been a month after I wrote this post about being approved for WordAds and I did say I was going to post my first result. Waiting 3 weeks until I see how much my posts are supposedly worth was excruciating, especially to a person who’s strongest suit is definitely not patience. I don’t think it’s even a candidate in that regard. Anyway, based on all the other WordAds posts from other bloggers I found, I figured that given my stats then, I was good for at least $15. What I saw 3 days ago completely blew me away.



Like what the great Ron Burgundy said:  

By the hymen of Olivia Newton John!

It’s like a bunch of Christmas presents all rolled into one. It’s so high!!! It’s fraking incredible. So assuming if I get a bit more hits than what I did in November, then I’d be eligible for a payout next month! For all those who are not familiar with WordAds, one of their rules is that you need to reach $100 before you can withdraw your earnings.

It’s true what they said though. The page views doesn’t tell the whole story since it’s the Ad Impressions they’re using as a basis for your earnings, and as far as I can tell there’s still no precise way to get that information.

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