So it’s been a month after I wrote this post about being approved for WordAds and I did say I was going to post my first result. Waiting 3 weeks until I see how much my posts are supposedly worth was excruciating, especially to a person who’s strongest suit is definitely not patience. I don’t think it’s even a candidate in that regard. Anyway, based on all the other WordAds posts from other bloggers I found, I figured that given my stats then, I was good for at least $15. What I saw 3 days ago completely blew me away.



Like what the great Ron Burgundy said:  

By the hymen of Olivia Newton John!

It’s like a bunch of Christmas presents all rolled into one. It’s so high!!! It’s fraking incredible. So assuming if I get a bit more hits than what I did in November, then I’d be eligible for a payout next month! For all those who are not familiar with WordAds, one of their rules is that you need to reach $100 before you can withdraw your earnings.

It’s true what they said though. The page views doesn’t tell the whole story since it’s the Ad Impressions they’re using as a basis for your earnings, and as far as I can tell there’s still no precise way to get that information.

By chan

Jun 19, 2014
9 thoughts on “First WordAds Payment”
  1. Congrats to your numbers. Now you´re in the same boat as me. You can now have the feeling of christmas or birthday every two months, unless the number change to our advantage or disadvantage. What I can tell you, I get less traffic in summer… my winter and spring traffic was better than the summer traffic and then also the revenue. But it still gets me excited every time when they publish the report in our dashboard. It´s just that you get used to the waiting. I´m not patient too but over time I didn´t care anymore and just know that it will payoff on certain dates.

    Again congrats. I´m happy to see that your work pays out too. I still do think we offer something to the internet crowd and it is fair and should also be allowed to take this little reward then that WordAds makes possible.

    Wish you a lot of fun 🙂

    1. Thanks for the info! I can’t say the same for mine since my page views were improving last summer, but I did notice a dip starting last week. Hard to say if the seasons does have an effect even in my chosen niche. I guess I’ll know in 3 months. Haha

      And yes, I’m happy that aside from the comics that I follow, I’m going to have another surprise to look forward to every month.

      I wish you the same Dennis!

    1. Congratulations on your Wordads application. I’m sure you’ll love it as well.

      I’d say just keep churning out those blog entries, and be sure to include pictures in them since they generally help attract readers. Social media like twitter and facebook are also a great help in promoting your content.

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