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Harley Quinn gives Black Canary a muzzle for her and Green Arrow’s baby, just in case he inherits her screaming powers. Quinn likened the experience to her having baby hyenas.

From – Injustice Gods Among Us Year 2 #15

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    1. His father was the Oliver Queen/Green Arrow on the Injustice Earth who was killed by Superman. Connor was raised by his mother and the Oliver Queen/Green Arrow of the Earth she was taken to by Dr. Fate after she was nearly killed by Superman. Connor Lance-Queen hasn’t grown up yet, so he hasn’t become Green Arrow. He has his mother’s Canary Cry and his father’s archery skills. Harley called him Green Canary, which was a joke, but appropriate.

      The Connor who became Green Arrow, briefly, was from the pre N52 continuity and was Oliver Queen’s illegitimate son. His name was Connor Hawke. The two characters are completely different.

    1. I kind of appreciate the way the artists drew her, it actually is somewhat an accurate depiction of her mellow/casual side. As for “sluttier”… I don’t think that’s a good way to describe her. It’s not intentional, and in case you forgot, she was in a dedicated (although slightly one-sided) relationship with the Joker for years. I sort of doubt that she would be the kind of person to throw themselves around while having an almost borderline obsession with someone.

      1. It’s for the 15 year old boys that like her to look that way.

    2. Well, that’s almost sorta the point. She’s not a slut, just likes to dress loose like sorta of a reflection of her character, I think.

  1. Superman going crazy, killing Joker and then ruling the world? Meh. Usual stuff.

    Harley Quinn having a point? OH MY.

  2. Okay maybe I’m over thinking this but….

    I was thinking about a discussion that occurred on Love, Joy, Feminism about the movie Frozen. Some of the commenters were talking about how Elsa’s parents shutting her away, hurt Elsa. They didn’t mean to hurt her, but harm was done.

    But you also have the fact that Elsa has a dangerous ability and could have easily frozen a playmate or a servant. So you have a kid with a possibly dangerous power, and undeveloped self-control. So the parents had limited options on how to handle Elsa’s abilities.

    Now I’m wondering about Baby Lance. If the baby has inherited Dinah’s ‘canary cry’ then muzzling the kid might end up being a viable option, but does the kid know why he’s being muzzled? He’s in the same position as Elsa, a dangerous power in the hands of a child who cannot control it. With the possibility that the parents might hurt him, in attempting to control his power and keep him from harming others.

    Or am I over thinking this?

    1. Connor does have his mother’s Canary Cry, as we find out in the Injustice 2 comics. Muzzling him, however, was not a viable option or good parenting. I’m sure that Dinah was able to help him adjust to his ability because she did it herself as a young girl. After reading Injustice 2, I doubt Connor was ever muzzled in any way.

  3. Harley always had a point, Benjy. Often even a GOOD point…just very seldom a sane point.
    As she pointed out in her “agony aunt” column in the Daily Planet, to a writer apparently suffering from Carpgras Syndrome, a disfiguring scar can help identify…or at the very least provide proof that you are just paranoidly imagining, the existance of an evil twin….and in the world that they live in, you shouldn’t automatically rule out “crazy” possibilities.
    Stranger things have happened…and Danah WAS a unexpectedly dangerous infant, herself!

    1. Let us not forget harley was a therapist/nurse for arkham of course she has good points to make she may be batshit crazy (no pun intended) but shes still smart puddin 😉

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