superman and lex luthor vs gorilla grodd superman and lex luthor vs gorilla grodd

From – Justice League Vol 2 #34

2 thoughts on “Superman And Lex Luthor VS Gorilla Grodd”
  1. Here is something to ponder. Gorilla City lets Gorilla Grodd live because he is a repository for all of their darker, savage, violent impulses… but he remains STARK NAKED (with fur) yet we never see his genitals. A naked male usually has external genitals, but Grodd lacks them.
    I suspect that Gorilla City is fine with letting Grodd live, but they have surgically removed from him all potential of reproduction (complete Eunich chop & sew, no testes, no phallus, just a little hole to urinate from). Now you know another reason that he is always enraged.

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