Battle of the Atom is a comic crossover event that spanned between 4 X-Men comic book titles namely X-Men, Wolverine and the X-Men, Uncanny X-Men and All-New X-Men. The premise is that a team of X-Men from the future travels in time to the present to warn Wolverine and his team that the Original 5 X-Men – the team that Beast plucked from the past – needs to go back to their own time in order to avoid a huge disaster. However, Original 5 Jean Grey grew suspicious of the Future X-Men and decided to escape with Original 5 Cyclops and enlist the help of present Cyclops and his team, who in this time period is at odds with Wolverine’s team. What follows then is an adventure that pits past, present and future X-Men against each other.

X-Men Battle of the Atom cover

A complete list of all Battle of the Atom posts in chronological order.

  1. Magik Peeks Into The Future
  2. Original 5 X-Men VS Animax
  3. Original 5 X-Men Attacked By Sentinels
  4. Uncanny X-Men Helps Out The Original 5 X-Men
  5. What Happens If Original 5 Cyclops Dies
  6. Future X-Men Arrives In Jean Grey School
  7. Future X-Men Meets Wolverine And The X-Men
  8. Future Xorn Reveals Her Identity
  9. Original 5 Cyclops Makes A Move On Original 5 Jean Grey
  10. Original 5 Cyclops And Jean Grey Meets With The Uncanny X-Men
  11. Why Maria Hill Hates Beast
  12. Emma Frost Challenges Future Xorn
  13. Cyclops Explains Why Wolverine Is A Hypocrite
  14. Emma Frost, Jean Grey And The Stepford Cuckoos VS Future Xorn
  15. Original 5 Jean Grey VS Future Xorn
  16. How Deadpool Stopped A Battle
  17. The Real X-Men From The Future
  18. Dazzler Is Elected President Of The USA
  19. Future X-Men Decides To Help
  20. Uncanny X-Men Meets The Future X-Men
  21. Raze Attacks Wolverine
  22. Psylocke As A Mom
  23. Future Deadpool And Raze VS Psylocke
  24. Sentinel X Reveals His Identity
  25. Future Deadpool And Molly Hayes VS Future Colossus And Magik
  26. Future Colossus Stabs Charles Xavier II
  27. Why The Original 5 X-Men Can’t Time Travel Anymore
  28. Future Xorn Taunts Cyclops
  29. Wolverine’s Vow On Sex
  30. Maria Hill Hates Time Machines
  31. Quentin Quire Meets His Future Self
  32. Past, Present And Future X-Men VS Future Brotherhood
  33. SHIELD Fires On The X-Men
  34. SHIELD Reveals Their Sentinels
  35. Future Quentin Quire VS Future Xorn
  36. Future Jubilee VS Raze
  37. Charles Xavier II Kills Future Colossus
  38. Cyclops And Wolverine VS Future Xorn
  39. Original 5 X-Men VS Future Xorn
  40. Wolverine Is Proud Of His School
  41. Sentinel X Shares A Moment With Jubilee
  42. Future Iceman’s Advice To His Present Self
  43. Kitty Pryde And The Original 5 X-Men Joins Cyclops


  1. All New-Xmen
  2. Future Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants
  3. Uncanny X-Men
  4. Wolverine And The X-Men
  5. X-Men
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