batman vs the whisper gang batman vs the whisper gang batman vs the whisper gang batman vs the whisper gang

They call themselves “Whisper Gang” and they’re one of five gangs that control smuggling in and out of Gotham by rail. Two days ago, an assassin dressed like an owl tried to kill me while I was meeting with a local politician. With no security footage of the assassin coming or going from Old Wayne Tower, my assumption is that he came in through the rail lines that converge beneath the building…then found a way up through the service elevators, which means one of the rail gangs saw him and took some toll from him.

The gangs have divided the lines among them. One line for each gang,. One is Yakuza. One is La Eme. Five rail lines. Five gangs. I’ve already chatted with the other four gangs. Whisper gang is known to be the most vicious and brutal of the five though. The candidates — or “sixths”– are given extensive weapons training overseas, before being allowed to travel to the States. Once hear, they’re each fitted with an iron mask, symbolic of their loyalty to the gang. A muzzle to prove they’ll never “snitch”. The mask is soldered together at the back of the head, and can’t be removed for at least a year, until the sixth has proven himself.

From – Batman Vol. 2 #3

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