All New X-men is a comic series published by Marvel comics. It started right after the Avengers VS X-Men event, and it features the original five members of the X-men. Genius inventor Beast traveled back in time and brought the original X-men from the past into the present time, hoping to make the fugitive Cyclops, who’s started a mutant revolution, see reason when he realizes how far he’s strayed from the X-men’s original goals.


all new x-men

A complete list of all All New X-Men posts in chronological order.

  1. Eva Bell’s Mutant Powers Emerges
  2. Cyclops Tries To Recruit Eva Bell
  3. Cyclops Rescues Christopher Muse From The Police
  4. Beast Travels In Time To Recruit The Original X-Men
  5. How Beast Recruited The Original X-Men To Join Him
  6. Beast Brings The Original 5 X-Men To The Present
  7. Wolverine Teaching Ninja Tactics
  8. Present Iceman Meets His Past Self
  9. The Original 5 X-Men Escapes The Jean Grey School
  10. Cyclops’s New Xavier School
  11. Cyclops And Magneto Rescues Emma Frost
  12. Why Cyclops, Emma Frost And Magneto’s Powers Are Broken
  13. Benjamin Deeds’s Mutant Powers Emerges
  14. Cyclops And Magneto Meets The Original 5 X-Men
  15. Cyclops’s Thoughts On Seeing His Past Self
  16. Cyclops VS Original 5 Cyclops
  17. Cyclops Recruits Benjamin Deeds
  18. The New Charles Xavier School For The Gifted
  19. Original 5 Jean Grey Sees Her Future
  20. Wolverine Antagonizes Original 5 Cyclops
  21. Beast’s Latest Mutation
  22. The Original 5 X-Men Vote To Stay In The Present Time
  23. Original 5 Cyclops Steals Wolverine’s Motorcycle
  24. Kitty Pryde Helps Original 5 Jean Grey With Her Telepathy
  25. Original 5 Cyclops Attacks Wolverine
  26. Original 5 Angel Meets His Present Self
  27. Original 5 Cyclops Opens His Safety Deposit Box
  28. Wolverine’s Avengers ID Card
  29. Original 5 Cyclops Meets Mystique
  30. Kitty Pryde Trains The Original 5 Iceman
  31. Scott Summers And Jean Grey Wedding Invitation
  32. Angel Explains To Original 5 Angel His Transformation
  33. Madame Hydra Attacks Avengers Tower
  34. Angel And Original 5 Angel VS Madame Hydra And HYDRA
  35. Avengers VS Madame Hydra and HYDRA
  36. Iceman And Kitty Pryde’s Mad Dubbing Skills
  37. Original 5 Cyclops Meets Captain America
  38. Original 5 Jean Grey Manipulates Angel’s Mind
  39. Original 5 X-Men Danger Room Training
  40. Mystique Recruits Lady Mastermind
  41. Cyclops To Me My X-Men
  42. Kitty Pryde’s First Heartbreak
  43. Original 5 Iceman Throws A Snowball At Thor
  44. Rachel Grey Meets Original 5 Jean Grey
  45. Original 5 Jean Grey Learns That Beast Loves Her
  46. Hank Mccoy And Jean Grey Kiss
  47. Future X-Men Meets Wolverine And The X-Men
  48. Future Xorn Reveals Her Identity
  49. Dazzler Is Elected President Of The USA
  50. Future X-Men Decides To Help
  51. Uncanny X-Men Meets The Future X-Men
  52. The Original 5 X-Men’s New Costumes
  53. Original 5 X-Men With Magik And Kitty Pryde
  54. The Original 5 X-Men VS The Purifiers 
  55. X-23 (All New X-Men 19)
  56. Original 5 Cyclops Fancies X-23
  57. Original 5 Cyclops Meets X-23
  58. Original 5 X-Men Attacks The Purifiers Base
  59. The Shi’ar Kidnaps Original 5 Jean Grey
  60. Kitty Pryde And Colossus Love Story
  61. Scott And Logan BFF’s Forever
  62. Guardians Of The Galaxy (All New X-Men)
  63. The Original 5 X-Men Meets The Guardians Of The Galaxy
  64. Jean Grey (All New X-Men 25)
  65. Cyclops (All New X-Men 25)
  66. Iceman (All New X-Men 25)
  67. Archangel (All New X-Men 25)
  68. Colossus (All New X-Men 25)
  69. Emma Frost (All New X-Men 25)
  70. X-Men (All New X-Men 25)
  71. What The Watcher Thinks Of Beast   25
  72. Ultimate Spider-Man Meets Original 5 Jean Grey   31
  73. Never Read Tony Stark’s Mind  36
  74. Iceman Is Gay  40

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