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Writer Brian Michael Bendis definitely made a lot of noise with this new information about the time displaced Original Five Iceman. From what I’ve mostly read on Facebook posts, there’s decisively a lot more hate heaped on this decision. I don’t think it’s because those people are homophobic, but just yanking a well loved and established character and turning him gay out of nowhere feels too forced. I’m all for a gay mutant but I feel this just wasn’t done right.

And it raises a lot more questions. So if Original 5 Iceman, who was plucked from the past by Beast, is gay, but his current self and future self are not, does this mean Bendis is saying that you can just force the gayness out of you? Or it’s just a passing phase as you grow up? Or maybe the current and future Iceman are also gay and this revelation would prompt them to admit or realize their true sexual orientation all along?

From – All New X-Men Vol. 1 #40

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