Archie is a relaunch of a beloved Archie comics series. We’re all used to the simple short stories we’ve been getting so it’s a refreshing change to see them commit to a long story arc with these familiar characters. Another thing I noticed is how up to date the setting is. They talk about video games, uber and cellphones! It’s been awhile since I last read an Archie comic so they might have been doing that already, but hey, it’s still pretty neat.



A complete list of all Archie posts in chronological order.

  1. Archie And Betty Break Up
  2. How Jughead Got His Name
  3. Archie And Veronica’s First Meeting
  4. Betty Cooper Is A Gamer
  5. Betty And Veronica’s First Meeting
  6. Archie And Betty As A Couple
  7. Betty Cooper’s Real Name
  8. The Lipstick Incident
  9. Reggie Mantle’s Plan To Break Up Archie And Veronica
  10. Why Betty Gave Her Blessing To Archie And Veronica
  11. Why Veronica Loves Archie
  12. Why Reggie Mantle Sold Out His Dad
  13. Pop Tate’s Hidden Skill
  14. Why You Should Never Anger Pop Tate
  15. Why Mr. Lodge Moved His Family To Riverdale
  16. Mr. Lodge’s Plan To Separate Archie And Veronica
  17. Archie Andrews Stands Up To Mr. Lodge
  18. Veronica’s Improvements To Archie’s House
  19. Betty Gives Archie Advice Regarding Veronica
  20. Veronica Makes An Effort For Archie
  21. Who Is Greg Collier
  22. Why Archie Likes Veronica
  23. Why Veronica Lodge Wants To Start A Band
  24. Veronica’s Problem With Singing
  25. Betty Gives Her Blessing To Archie And Veronica
  26. Betty And Veronica Becomes Friends
  27. How Mr. Lodge Separated Archie And Veronica
  28. Veronica Lodge Meets Cheryl Blossom
  29. Cheryl Blossom’s Prank On Veronica Lodge
  30. Why Jughead Doesn’t Want A Smart Phone
  31. Veronica Lodge Declares War On Cheryl Blossom
  32. Veronica Lodge VS Cheryl Blossom
  33. Archie Tries To Copy Jughead’s Lifestyle
  34. Where Archie’s Parents Went On Honeymoon
  35. Archie’s Surprise Party For His Parents
  36. Why Archie Andrews Wants To Be Like Jughead Jones
  37. How Veronica Lodge Won The War Against Cheryl Blossom
  38. Archie Describes Dilton Doiley
  39. How Moose Mason Saved Dilton Doiley
  40. Veronica Lodge Is Smart, Driven And Cunning
  41. Cheryl Blossom Seduces Archie Andrews
  42. Cheryl Blossom Meets Archie Andrews
  43. Archie And Veronica’s Awkward Date
  44. Dilton Doiley Asks Betty Cooper Out On A Date
  45. How Jughead Fixed Archie And Veronica’s Relationship
  46. How Jughead And Veronica Bonded
  47. Archie Andrews Describes Reggie Mantle
  48. Archie Andrews And Reggie Mantle Go Drag Racing
  49. Mr. Lodge Trains Veronica Lodge How To Negotiate
  50. Betty Cooper Near Death After Car Crash
  51. Archie Andrews Meets Betty Cooper
  52. Veronica Lodge’s First Memory Of Betty Cooper
  53. How Clumsy Archie Andrews Is
  54. Betty Cooper Is Paralyzed
  55. Riverdale Holds A Vigil For Betty Cooper
  56. Reggie Mantle Goes To Jail
  57. How Jughead And Betty Cooper Became Close Friends
  58. Cheryl And Jason Blossom’s Real Father
  59. Why Jughead Is An Amazing Friend
  60. Dilton Doiley Confesses His Feelings To Betty Cooper
  61. Archie Loves Betty And Veronica
  62. Why Veronica Lodge Broke Up With Archie Andrews
  63. How Archie Chose Between Betty And Veronica
  64. Why Betty Cooper Turned Down Dilton Doiley
  65. Why Betty Cooper Turned Down Archie Andrews
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