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How Jughead And Veronica Bonded

How Jughead And Veronica Bonded

  And that’s how you make a bonding moment believable. It’s believable because aside from the known fact that Jughead’s personality would repel any snobishness because…. well he’s Jughead! But […]


Reggie Mantle’s Confession To Jughead

Sabrina’s trying to hex Jughead because she felt he was a douche in their date. Touching confession from Reggie though — good to see a sensitive and sincere side to […]


Sabrina Tries To Hex Jughead

That’s one of the few things about Jughead — you’ll never get the best of him. Sabrina learns this the hard way when her magic keeps backfiring. If you’re wondering […]



Archie is a relaunch of a beloved Archie comics series. We’re all used to the simple short stories we’ve been getting so it’s a refreshing change to see them commit to […]

Archie #1 2 And 3

Finally got my hands on first prints of these babies. However I had to settle for a variant cover of #1.