This comic series is the second volume of the Invincible Iron Man series. It takes off after the events of Iron Man Vol. 5 and focuses on the latest armor designed by Tony Stark that can change itself into any other previous model of Iron Man armor.

Invincible Iron Man Vol 2

A complete list of all Invincible Iron Man Vol. 2 posts in chronological order.

  1. Iron Man’s Latest Armor
  2. Tony Stark’s Method In Impressing A Date
  3. Iron Man’s Sonic Boom
  4. Doctor Doom’s New Face
  5. Iron Man Uses The Hulkbuster Against Doctor Doom
  6. Iron Man Model 52 VS Madame Masque
  7. Tony Stark Says Hail Hydra
  8. Iron Man (Invincible Iron Man #3)
  9. Iron Man And Doctor Strange High Fives
  10. Samurai Iron Man VS Cyber Ninjas
  11. How Iron Man Sets Reminders
  12. Iron Man Visits Sick Kids
  13. Iron Man And Doctor Doom VS Madame Masque
  14. Doctor Doom Exorcises Madame Masque’s Demon
  15. Tony Stark Hires Mary Jane Watson
  16. Iron Man (Invincible Iron Man #5)
  17. War Machine Meets The Techno Golem
  18. War Machine VS Techno Golem And Cyber Ninjas
  19. Techno Golem Absorbs Iron Man And War Machine’s Armors
  20. Riri Williams Creates Her Own Iron Man Armor
  21. War Machine And The Avengers (Invincible Iron Man Vol. 2 #10)
  22. Riri Williams’ First Super Hero Act
  23. The Avengers (Invincible Iron Man #11)
  24. Tony Stark Meets Riri Williams
  25. Tony Stark Mourns James Rhodes Death
  26. Tony Stark And Carol Danvers In An Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting
  27. Iron Man And Captain Marvel’s Parley (Civil War II)

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Jan 10, 2016

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