A complete list of all Trials of Shazam posts in chronological order.

  1. Captain Marvel VS Slavers With Black Magic
  2. Captain Marvel VS Giant Frog
  3. Billy Batson’s New Marvel Appearance (Trials Of Shazam)
  4. Captain Marvel Jr’s Origin (Trials of Shazam)
  5. When Mary Marvel Lost Her Powers (Trials Of Shazam)
  6. Billy Batson Explains His New Form (Trials Of Shazam)
  7. Billy Batson Explains The Trials Of Shazam
  8. Zareb Explains The Roles Of The Gods Of Magic
  9. Freddy Freeman VS An Audiom Warbeast
  10. Freddy Freeman Takes On His First Trial (Trials Of Shazam)
  11. Solomon’s Gift To Freddy Freeman
  12. Freddy Freeman Meets Achilles (Trials Of Shazam)
  13. Freddy Freeman’s Trial With Achilles (Trials Of Shazam)
  14. Achilles VS Empath Demon (Trials Of Shazam)
  15. Sabina Kills Achilles (Trials Of Shazam)
  16. Freddy Freeman Passes The Trial Of Achilles (Trials Of Shazam)
  17. Freddy Freeman Meets Hercules (Trials Of Shazam)
  18. Why Hercules Is In Jail (Trials Of Shazam)
  19. Sabina De La Croix Steals Hercules’s Power (Trials Of Shazam)
  20. Hercules Gives Freddy Freeman Half His Power (Trials Of Shazam)
  21. Sabina De La Croix’s Origin Story (Trials Of Shazam)
  22. Freddy Freeman Passes The Trial Of Hercules (Trials Of Shazam)
  23. Atlas (Trials Of Shazam)
  24. How Atlas Holds Up The World (Trials Of Shazam)
  25. Freddy Freeman Holds Up The World (Trials Of Shazam)
  26. Freddy Freeman Meets Apollo (Trials Of Shazam)
  27. Freddy Freeman’s Trial With Apollo (Trials Of Shazam)
  28. Freddy Freeman VS Apollo (Trials Of Shazam)
  29. Why Apollo Wants To Be A Human Instead Of A God (Trials Of Shazam)
  30. Apollo Gives Freddy Freeman Half Of His Powers (Trials Of Shazam)
  31. Sabina De La Croix Receives Half Of Apollo’s Powers (Trials Of Shazam)
  32. Tawky Tawny Attacks Sabina De La Croix (Trials Of Shazam)
  33. Tawky Tawny VS Sabina De La Croix (Trials Of Shazam)
  34. Freddy Freeman Recruits Shadowpact (Trials Of Shazam)
  35. Sabina De La Croix Meets Mercury (Trials Of Shazam)
  36. Sabina De La Croix Steals Mercury’s Power (Trials Of Shazam)
  37. Freddy Freeman Recruits The Justice League (Trials Of Shazam)
  38. Justice League (Trials of Shazam)
  39. Merlin (Trials Of Shazam)
  40. Zareb Explains Freddy Freeman’s Final Test (Trials Of Shazam)
  41. How Freddy Freeman Passed His Last Trial (Trials Of Shazam)
  42. Zeus Grants Freddy Freeman The Powers Of Shazam (Trials Of Shazam)

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