Nightwing Is The Same In Every Earth Nightwing Is The Same In Every Earth

You vouching for someone is worth it’s weight in gold. It was true in my world, and it’s true in this one. In fact, of everyone I met here, you’re the least changed from the version I knew. Always confident, always kind, always cool. Dick Grayson — the multiversal constant.

I love this issue so much because Superman finally acknowledges how uneasy he still is fitting in with this new Earth. He might be in the Justice League with the same heroes he was with in his own Earth, but they’re not the same people with the same memories. So just him saying that out loud is a huge boon to me. Then he recounts how he’s good friends with his Earth’s own Nightwing and how the latter is pretty much the same in every Earth. I can’t imagine Nightwing any other way to be honest.

Then Nightwing’s going to Bludhaven next issue? Awesome!

From – Nightwing Vol. 4 #9

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