New Super-Man


A complete list of all New Super-Man posts in chronological order.

  1. Kong Kenan Is A Bully
  2. Kong Kenan’s First Heroic Act
  3. Kong Kenan Becomes The Chinese Superman
  4. Chinese Bat-Man And Chinese Wonder-Woman
  5. Chinese Super-Man VS Chinese Bat-Man And Chinese Wonder-Woman
  6. Chinese Super-Man VS Sunbeam
  7. Kong Kenan Reveals His Secret Identity
  8. The Justice League Of China
  9. Justice League Of China VS Xiangliu
  10. The Freedom Fighters Of China
  11. Justice League Of China VS Freedom Fighters Of China
  12. Folding Paper Man’s Powers
  13. Flying Dragon General’s Secret Identity
  14. The History Of The Freedom Fighters Of China
  15. Chinese Superman Meets Human Firecracker
  16. Why Chinese Superman Turned On The Human Firecracker
  17. Chinese Superman And Flying Dragon General
  18. Chinese Super-Man VS The Freedom Fighters Of China
  19. Justice League Of China And Freedom Fighters Of China VS The Great Ten
  20. The Human Firecracker Kills Flying Dragon General
  21. Lex Luthor Meets The Justice League Of China
  22. The Academy Of The Bat
  23. Chinese Batman VS Feng Rongpei
  24. Master I-Ching’s Challenge To Chinese Super-Man
  25. Chinese Batman Beats Feng Rongpei
  26. Chinese Superman Activates His Super Hearing
  27. Master I-Ching Explains Chinese Super-Man’s Powers
  28. Alpaca’s Real Identity
  29. Ching Lung Recruits Super-Man Zero
  30. Ching Lung (Rebirth)
  31. Kong Kenan (New Super-Man #9)
  32. Kong Kenan Opens A Gate To Hell
  33. Avery Ho Punches Kong Kenan
  34. The China White Triad
  35. Superman (New Super-Man #9)
  36. Superman VS China White Triad
  37. How Chinese Superman Activated His X-Ray Vision
  38. Ching Lung’s Real Identity (Rebirth)
  39. Chinese Superman And A Flash Race Each Other
  40. Justice League Of China VS Sorcerer Monk Fahai
  41. Superman Zero (New Super-Man #11)
  42. The Six Realms Of Buddhism
  43. Chinese Wonder Woman’s Real Form
  44. Superman Zero’s Solar Flare Against Monk Fahai
  45. Emperor Superman
  46. Dr. Omen Is Chinese Superman’s Mother
  47. Emperor Super-Man (New Super-Man #13)
  48. Feng Rongpei Becomes Anathema (Rebirth)
  49. Emperor Super-Man’s Imperial Army
  50. Justice League Of China (New Super-Man #13)
  51. The Great Ten VS Emperor Super-Man’s Imperial Army
  52. Chinese Bat-Man Kisses Chinese Wonder Woman
  53. How Kong Kenan Activated His Heat Vision
  54. Suicide Squad (New Super-Man #14)