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Why Maria Hill Was Promoted As Head Of SHIELD

Why Maria Hill Was Promoted As Head Of SHIELD Why Maria Hill Was Promoted As Head Of SHIELD

You hate me because I was handpicked by the leaders of the free world to do this job… when there’re seventy-five people that are more qualified than me.
Only seventy-five? Sorry.
No. You aren’t. I want to say this… you ever see “A Few Good Men”?
The movie?
The movie.
I have a very expensive suit of armor with roller skates. I don’t much find the need for movies.
I saw it last night. It’s a movie about a young hustler of a lawyer who is given a case way out of his league. And finally he asks himself why was a lawyer who plea-bargains every case given this important case? Could it be so that it never sees the inside of a court? I thought about this.. then I asked myself… why was I, a low-ranking S.H.I.E.L.D. agent working the Madripoor outpost with no leadership experience, and no connections to any of you, given Nick Fury’s job?
Guess what? I don’t want this job. I shouldn’t have this job, and I don’t want it. And, really, there’s only one person, other than Fury, who should have this job.
You. And wouldn’t that piss off all the right people.


From – New Avengers Vol. 1 #25

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