Why Maria Hill Was Promoted As Head Of SHIELD Why Maria Hill Was Promoted As Head Of SHIELD

You hate me because I was handpicked by the leaders of the free world to do this job… when there’re seventy-five people that are more qualified than me.
Only seventy-five? Sorry.
No. You aren’t. I want to say this… you ever see “A Few Good Men”?
The movie?
The movie.
I have a very expensive suit of armor with roller skates. I don’t much find the need for movies.
I saw it last night. It’s a movie about a young hustler of a lawyer who is given a case way out of his league. And finally he asks himself why was a lawyer who plea-bargains every case given this important case? Could it be so that it never sees the inside of a court? I thought about this.. then I asked myself… why was I, a low-ranking S.H.I.E.L.D. agent working the Madripoor outpost with no leadership experience, and no connections to any of you, given Nick Fury’s job?
Guess what? I don’t want this job. I shouldn’t have this job, and I don’t want it. And, really, there’s only one person, other than Fury, who should have this job.
You. And wouldn’t that piss off all the right people.


From – New Avengers Vol. 1 #25

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