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Harley Quinn: Wait! Doctor Fate! I need your help here, Doctor!
Doctor Fate: I…I’m not that kind of doctor.
Harley Quinn: What? What sort of doctor are you?
Doctor Fate: It’s complicated.
Harley Quinn: We don’t have time for complicated. A good, talking chimp is dying! Can you help or not?
Doctor Fate: No. I’m sorry. Even my abilities are no use here. He is too far gone.
Harley Quinn: Wow, that’s some positive talk in front of the patient. Don’t worry, random little girl. I’ve never lost a monkey before and I’m not about to start today! And you! You can’t just put on a helmet and a cape and call yourself doctor. Some of us went to medical school and earned our title. Now, please take this small girl out of my operating room, Mister Fate.

From – Injustice Gods Among Us Year 3 #5

16 thoughts on “Harley Quinn Scolds Doctor Fate”
  1. Wow. I love Injustice Harley Quinn. Best interpretation of her ever. Makes you forget she had a part in the whole blow-up-Metropolis thing.

    1. That’s a spot on observation! Harley does seem blameless on the Metropolis destruction. I guess you can get away with everything if you’re awesome.

    1. AND he has the power to magical heal! Who wrote this issue? Who was the editor??? Well, at least the art is good, LOL!

      1. Maybe he doesn’t in this alternate Earth? 😀

        But yes, the art is truly magnificent here.

  2. Maybe this Doctor Fate got a Doctorate in Philosophy… the most useless of all teaching abilities. So if you want to boil it down by linguistics, Doctor Fate = Certified Teacher Fate.
    And since the original Doctors of Fate were all generally “Archaeologists” (except for Jared Stevens – Stabby Smuggler Guy) I would surmise that “Teacher” Fate is a Teacher of Archaeology & Ancient Languages (specializing in Egyptian Linguistics).

    But yeah, a magic guy with no magical healing skills (or even practical triage) that regularly goes into combat?!? In every Superhero MMORPG game that equals, “easy kill target”.
    And that itself if what you would call “Bad Storytelling” that any sane editor would catch right off and demand fixing.

    WIKI[ Doctorate ]
    A doctorate or doctor’s degree or doctoral degree (from Latin doctor, “teacher”) is an academic or professional degree awarded by universities that, in most countries, qualifies the holder to teach at the university level in the degree’s field, or to work in a specific profession. In some countries, the highest degree in a given field is called a terminal degree. Before earning its title, the student is called doctoral student.

    Many universities award “honorary doctorates” to individuals who have been deemed worthy of special recognition, either for scholarly work or for other contributions to the university or to society.

  3. Or for humor, “Honorary Doctorate Fate”. He’s got a worthless degree in giving large sums of money to colleges or it was a token reward of a worthless degree for celebrity entertainment idiocy.

    GOOGLE[ “What exactly is the point in giving celebrities honorary degrees?” ]
    Kanye West (College Dropout) got an Honorary Degree from the Chicago Art Institute on May 11, 2015 for Excellence being an Annoying Douchebag Gay Fish. He plans in the near future to open Gay Fish Schools all over Lake Michigan.

    Two of the most prominent people to use their honorary doctorate and unjustly call themselves “Dr.” are Maya Angelou and Farrah Gray.

  4. Wow, this was really dumb. Does the writer not realize that medical doctor’s aren’t the only ones awarded the title of “Doctor”? Moreover, wasn’t Harley a psychologist? She shouldn’t know how to perform surgery, much less operate on a chimp.

    1. Actually she is a Psychiatrist. A psychiatrist is not only a medical doctor but a specialization in medicine for treating patients with psychological disorders. Even as a general practitioner, medical doctors know basic medical diagnosis, primary to secondary health care and basic surgery… she just decided to specialize on the mental illnesses of people (primarily of criminals).

  5. The absurd idiocy of this.

    Doctor Fate is ACTUALLY a doctor. He has a doctorate as a physician and in archaology. He’s not a vet though, so even if the writer decided to ignore his healing powers, he’s actually NOT that sort of doctor.

    Harley Quinn on the other hand ACTUALLY DOESN’T HAVE A LEGITIMATE DOCTORATE. She slept with her professor, that’s how she got it. It’s canon.

      1. Okay and what if she did? I don’t think sleeping with the professor can get anyone through med school (4 years), 1-2 years internship (after med school), 3-6 years in Residency + 2-3 years in her specialization of Psychiatry all the way (General amount of time to take to become a Psychiatrist)?! She is smart enough to made it somewhat easier for herself to get through certain parts of her schooling, but I think she is just as smart… it’s all just clouded by the fact she is portrayed heavily as a sexually portrayed lunatic.

        And when you say doctorate… you’re only meaning the Doctor of Philosophy really… M.D.’s are called vocational degrees. So yes Doctor Fate is a PhD and MD, Harley Quinn is just M.D.

  6. If you read any of the four different versions of Harley in the comics, K.K., you would know that all of the conflicting canons that have her vamping her Professor/s/Advisor also mention how very good she actually is at psychology. Even in the original “Mad Love” (spin-off from the popular cartoon) which is the first introduction of this plot element…(or the later DCU comics version, where she RECORDED said seduction, for better blackmail possibilities) Batman expressly says that she is gifted at understanding people and manipulating them. It is also notable that both of those stories had her tricking Batman into thinking of her as a bimbo-lead-astray EVEN THOUGH HE ALREADY KNEW BETTER. In her first appearance she tries to convince Batman that she is a beauty-school drop out gun-moll, but the audience has already seen otherwise…she portrays herself as a bimbo, as passive bad-guy bling, but she is always a manipulative player.
    She was never even (quite) as sexualized as the Internet memeticaly portrayed her until the current/New52 version (which also conspicuously denies her personal agency, actually depicting her as the blameless innocent that the previous version liked to pass herself off as…the writers bought into her gimmick too, apparently)…she would often flirt, and on several occasions become involved with, people who were useful to her, but only ever seemed to have one (or possibly two) legitimately heartfelt objects of affection. In the cartoon, Joker referred to her as a “one clown-loon” dispite knowing about her apparent affection for others…he seemed to dismiss them as part of her act. In print, Ivy questioned the true depth of Harley’s loyalty and wasn’t dismissive of Gaggy’s assertion that Dr. Quinzel molded the Joker into the monster that he became, rather than vice-versa.
    LonelyEarth is right…no amount of sexual skill, by itself, will get you a license to practice medicine, and even if we assume that her degrees weren’t legitimately earned, her masterful people skills (as displayed in all appearances when she wasn’t appearing just so Joker had a scene-partner/arm candy/extra pair of hands) proved that she had at least the non-biological aspects of psychology honed to a razor edge…so there is little reason to assume, as you seem to, that her credentials are illegitimatly earned, and therefore, must all be bunk.
    I highly recommend her appearances as a Catwoman…villain…manipulator…as someone in Selina’s supporting cast; they are highly underrated and showcase Harley’s genus and insanity, and the Injustice portrayal reminds me of that character and why she became so popular.

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