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Teen Titans – Earth 1

Superman – Earth 1 is an ongoing graphic novel series that details the start of Superman’s crime fighting career. As the title suggests, Earth 1 is one of the many alternate Earths that currently exists in the DC Comics universe, with Prime Earth as the one where the current canon story line of the New 52 takes place. With a fresh canvass to work with, the series is not burdened with all of Superman’s history and should appeal to new readers or anyone who just wants to read a straight forward adventure with the Man of Steel. Be prepared to read a modern take, as well as realistic approaches, to the story.

A complete list of all Teen Titans – Earth 1 posts in chronological order.

Volume 1:

  1. Starlabs Experiments On Starfire (Teen Titans – Earth 1)
  2. Victor Stone Turns Into A Cyborg (Teen Titans – Earth 1)
  3. Deathstroke (Earth 1)
  4. Raven (Teen Titans – Earth 1)
  5. Deathstroke VS Teen Titans (Teen Titans – Earth 1)
  6. Raven Shoots Deathstroke In The Head (Earth 1)
  7. Tempest (Teen Titans – Earth 1 Vol. 1)
  8. Beast Boy (Teen Titans – Earth 1 Vol. 1)
  9. Jericho Betrays The Teen Titans (Earth 1)
  10. Deathstroke Slashes Jericho’s Throat (Earth 1)
  11. Starfire Kills Elinore Stone (Earth 1)
  12. Starfire (Teen Titans – Earth 1)


Volume 2:

  1. Deathstroke (Teen Titans – Earth 1 Vol. 2)
  2. Terra Loves Cyborg (Earth 1)
  3. The Titans (Teen Titans – Earth 1 Vol. 2)
  4. Raven And Starfire (Teen Titans – Earth 1 Vol. 2)
  5. Teen Titans VS Titans (Earth 1)
  6. Raven Traps Jericho Inside Her Mind (Earth 1)
  7. Starfire And Raven Joins The Teen Titans (Earth 1)
  8. The Titans Are Made From A Lab (Earth 1)
  9. Blackfire (Teen Titans – Earth 1 Vol. 2)
  10. Teen Titans VS Blackfire (Earth 1)
  11. Jericho Takes Control Of Blackfire (Earth 1)
  12. Cyborg’s Robot Named Rover (Earth 1)

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