The Punisher's Wife Divorces Him The Punisher's Wife Divorces Him The Punisher's Wife Divorces Him  The Punisher's Wife Divorces Him


In the latest Punisher series (Volume 13), we discover that Maria Castle, Frank Castle’s wife, was on the verge of telling him that she wanted a divorce and planned to take custody of their children while they were at the park before their tragic deaths. Resurrected by the Hand and confronted with the grim reality of her husband’s actions committed in their names, Maria confronted Frank, who was now held captive by Doctor Strange within the confines of the Sanctum. She made it clear that she intended to divorce him. Maria sold off all the weapons and safe houses they possessed, claiming her share, while generously donating Frank’s half to various charitable causes.

Later, as she drove away from New York, it became evident that Maria was pregnant. Whether she was already expecting before her untimely demise or became pregnant after being brought back to life remains unknown.


From – The Punisher Vol. 13 #12

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