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Category: Mister Fantastic

Mister Fantastic Knows Atlantean

Mister Fantastic Knows Atlantean

Namor: When were you going to inform us? Iron Man: It just happened yesterday. Namor: I thought we had an arrangement here. Iron Man: Does anyone know how to say […]

The Thing Doesn't Like Canadians

The Thing Doesn’t Like Canadians

Wolverine: Oughta be grateful. The Thing: Grateful? Wolverine: Monstro was practically capped ‘fore you bothered to show. The Thing: Didn’t they come up with a cure for your kind? Wolverine: […]

doctors in marvel

Iron Man Has A Doctorate Too.

Doctor Strange: Doctor Richards. Mister Fantastic: Doctor Strange. Iron Man: You guys love calling yourself doctor. I have three doctorates, you don’t see me.. Mister Fantastic: Doctor Stark. Iron Man: […]