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Category: Luke Cage

the new avengers volume 1

New Avengers Volume 1

The New Avengers was a new series that chronicled the adventures of the assorted superheroes gathered by Captain America to take the place of the disbanded Avengers. 6 months prior […]

red hulk makes juggerlossus angry 2

Red Hulk Makes Juggerlossus Angry

This battle occurred when Captain America led the Avengers into Utopia, the X-Men’s island fortress, to take Hope Summers into custody. Cyclops, the leader of the world’s remaining mutants, refused […]

new avengers (post civil war)

The New Avengers (Post Civil War)

This is the roster of the New Avengers after the event known as the Civil War. After Captain America’s death, this group refused to register under the Human Registration Act. […]

Spider-Man Has No License

Spider-Man Has No License

Spider-Man: Note to self: learn how to fly this quinjet. Spider-Woman: It’s not that much harder than flying a helicopter. Spider-Man: I don’t have a license. Spider-Woman: For a helicopter? […]

iron spidey

Spider-Man’s Unused Science Brain

Spider-Man: Oh boy–If the entire team of Alpha Flight got their Canadian bacon handed to them…I’m worried that this is going to be one of those things where my shiny […]