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Category: Luke Cage

What Makes Spider-Man Uncomfortable

What Makes Spider-Man Uncomfortable

Spider-Man: Well, I’d like to thank our new mystery ninja Avenger. Whoever you are, for bringing us these guys right to us for a change. Luke Cage: Because…? Spider-Man: We […]

Spider-Woman's Second Power

Spider-Woman’s Second Power

Wolverine: All right, spill it. Spider-Woman: What? Wolverine: What’d you do to him? Spider-Woman: Just talked to him. Just tried to stall him. Wolverine: Uh-uh. Fess up. I can feel […]

luke cage's simple philosophy

Luke Cage’s Simple Philosophy

Luke Cage: I hold to a simple philosophy: Just assume everyone’s a piece of crap and then be pleasantly surprised if you find anyone who ain’t. – New Avengers Vol. […]

Spider-Man Plays The Name Game

Spider-Man Plays The Name Game

der Spider-Man: Hi–I’m the Amazing Spider-Man, and you are? Hello? Luke Cage: Come on, who are you? Ronin: Captain America invited me. Luke Cage: Yeah, I know. Who are you? […]

Hand Ninjas Smell Like What

Hand Ninjas Smell Like What

Spider-Man: Boy, I don’t know what you Hand ninjas use in your laundry…But you guys smell like a garden of lilacs. It’s really quite lovely. Iron Man: You ever get […]

Spider-Man Should Copyright His Name

Spider-Man Should Copyright His Name

Spider-Woman: All right. Looks like I’m a super hero again. Iron Man: Well, Agent Drew… In the most P.C., non-threatening, professional way. I’d like to say… Luke Cage: Damn, girl. […]

whiney spider

What Spider Bit Spider-Man

Spider-Man: Anyone want to carry me? Luke Cage: Don’t you have the proportionate strength of a spider? Spider-Man: Who hasn’t slept in three days, who got his arm broken and […]

spider-man describes sauron's powers

Spider-Man Describes Sauron’s Powers

Luke Cage: Ok. Then. Who the hell is Karl Lykos. Spider-Man: He’s a mutant. I’ve had the honor of being smacked around by him. He can suck energy, or–or suck […]

What To Expect In The Savage Land

What To Expect In The Savage Land

Luke Cage: So, in this land that time forgot somewhere in Antarctica…What’ve we got to look forward to? Spider-Man: All kinds of mutates and dinosaurs and big cheetahs and a […]