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Spider-Man VS Rak'tar

Spider-Man VS Rak’tar

Funny to see Spider-Man beat an opponent that the Red Hulk couldn’t defeat. And all Spider-man had to do was pull down his opponent’s pants. From – Avenging Spider-Man #3


Spider-Man VS The Bowman

The Bowman is one of the Hydra Four, clones of the Avengers made by Hydra. This clone of course is cloned from Hawkeye. From – Amazing Spider-man Vol. 1 #520


Aunt May VS Wolverine

That went exactly how I called it. Even Wolverine had the good sense not to tussle with an old woman. From – Amazing Spider-man Vol. 1 #520


Aunt May Meets Captain America

  You can trust Captain America to always know what to say and put someone at ease. Wolverine, on the otherhand, is someone you can never trust with redheads. From […]

thor (all new-all different avengers #2)

Why Is Thor A Female

I’m sure that by this time, the news that Thor is now a female has already reached everyone’s ears, or eyes. It seems to be part of Marvel’s plan to […]