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The Avengers VS The Immortal Hulk

The Avengers VS The Immortal Hulk

  The Immoral Hulk goes against the Avengers. He easily gives Thor a concussion, overloads Black Panther’s vibranium armor, punches She-Hulk and sends her flying 2 miles away, and rips […]

the punisher in a bagalian prison

The Punisher In A Bagalian Prison

  I don’t even know why the henchman goaded the Punisher. You’ve already told him Baron Zemo won’t let him die no matter what he does so you had to […]

baron zemo tortures the punisher

Baron Zemo Tortures The Punisher

  Well that’s going to be a new look for the Punisher – a scar shaped like a skull on his chest courtesy of Baron Zemo’s torture. And if subjecting […]

the punisher vs garron winslow

The Punisher VS Garron Winslow

  The Punisher takes on one of the Mandarin’s pupils and wielding his 10 rings. Fortunately for Frank Castle, the apprentice was only able to use 2 of the rings […]

War Machine Punisher VS Captain Marvel

War Machine Punisher VS Captain Marvel

    War Machine Punisher going against Captain Marvel Carol Danvers. Of course it ends with Frank Castle escaping since their power levels aren’t on an equal footing. Frank even […]