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Thor Sees The Black Winter

Thor Sees The Black Winter

  Thor helps Galactus feed on planets in order to strengthen the Devourer of Worlds against his fight against the Black Winter. They ran out of time though as they […]

Loki Lifts Mjolnir

Loki Lifts Mjolnir

  After the War of the Realms, Thor is now king of Asgard, while his brother Loki rules over Jotunheim. I don’t know if Loki truly has turned over a […]

Eddie Brock Cauterizes His Wrist

Eddie Brock Cauterizes His Wrist

Or maybe it’s his forearm? Eddie Brock chopped his hand off in the previous issue when it was taken controlled of by the Carnage symbiote. From – Venom Vol. 4 […]

Dylan Brock Creates A Venom T-Rex

Dylan Brock Creates A Venom T-Rex

  With his codex powers, Dylan Brock connects to the symbiote hive mind and is able to remote control the Venom symbiote even though it was hundreds of miles away […]

Eddie Brock Chops Off His Hand

Eddie Brock Chops Off His Hand

  Eddie Brock goes all Arnold Schwarzenegger Predator style on the Carnage symbiote, which at the time was also taking his Venom symbiote hostage. With his hand caught by the […]

Ben Solo Joins The Knights Of Ren

Ben Solo Joins The Knights Of Ren

  Ben Solo recounted how he fought 3 of his Jedi friends and accidentally killed one. Ren, leader of the Knights of Ren, doesn’t believe Ben really wanted to kill […]

Ben Solo Kills Ren

Ben Solo Kills Ren

  Ben Solo fully turns to the dark side as he kills his first individual, Ren, the leader of the Knights of Ren. After killing him, the Knights of Ren […]