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Tag: the commonwealth

Mercer Chooses Rick Grimes As His Leader

Mercer Chooses Rick Grimes As His Leader

Rick Grimes tries his best to explain to Dwight why toppling a government, even one that seems dictatorial, would be messy, and that the civilian population would be the first […]

Lance Hornsby (The Walking Dead)

Lance Hornsby (The Walking Dead)

This feels reminiscent of the time Rick Grimes and his group first arrived in Alexandria, and had to be interviewed separately to make sure they’re not crazy and a threat […]

Michonne Has A Kid (The Walking Dead)

Michonne Has A Kid (The Walking Dead)

I recall that Michonne was a lawyer before the zombie apocalypse, but I can’t remember if it was ever mentioned or alluded that she had a kid. From – The Walking […]