Superman: When I was a kid, my dad would take me to the football games at Smallville High. He’d played there years ago. We’d pack a picnic lunch, we’d sit in the bleachers, and we’d watch Smallville High lose. The game would end, my dad would fold up his blanket. He’d look at me and state plainly, “They stink.”. I’d ask him why we came if all they ever did was lose. And with a sparkle in his eye he’d say, “Because there’s always hope, Clark.”. It’s hard sometimes when I think about Lex Luthor being the President of The United States that there is such a thing as hope. Then, I look at Batman and all the tragedy in his life and how, somehow, he presses on. And if he can do the job, I’ve got nothing to complain about.

Batman: I have walked the streets of Gotham City with my old friend, the former Police Commissioner, Jim Gordon. Gordon would talk about how Gothan City seemed to be in perpertual darkness. How the shadows were more alive than the people. Jim would talk about the city as if it were one more level of Hell. I’d ask him why he doesn’t move away. he’s retired now and there are no strings that bind him there. He’d scoff and tell me “Hope, Batman. We can’t lose sight of that.”. I try not to look for the good in any situation. That way I find I’m not disappointed by anyone. Then, I think of Superman and. while he might be seen as naive, it is as though he is an unstoppable force of good. And I’ll be dammed if I will let him go down before I do.

– Superman/Batman #3

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