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Spider-Woman’s Second Power

Wolverine: All right, spill it.
Spider-Woman: What?
Wolverine: What’d you do to him?
Spider-Woman: Just talked to him. Just tried to stall him.
Wolverine: Uh-uh. Fess up. I can feel something comin’ off of you.
Spider-Woman: Well, don’t freak out or anything, but part of my powers is I release a pheromone that–
Spider-Man: Ew?
Spider-Woman: No, it’s just–when I’m nervous or charged up, I release a pheromone and, well, basically…Anything around me kind of feels attracted to me. Towards me. Just a chemical thing. I’ve learned to use it, though, got him all mushed up and dizzy.

Spider-Man: You release a pheromone?!
Wolverine: You know how dizzy I was gettin’ around you?
Luke Cage: Well, that explains that, damn! Damn! I thought I was goin’ nuts.
Spider-Man: I mean, I love my wife.
Wolverine: You shoulda said something, girl, you can’t just–

New Avengers Vol. 1 #8

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