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Superman and Batman Discussing Each Other’s Methods


Superman: Think of the good we could do as a group–
Batman: Think of all the damage we could do.
Superman: We’d have safeguards?
Batman: Really? Name one that would work against you. I’ve been trying to come up with one for weeks.
Superman: No you haven’t. Have you?
Batman: …I’m just saying, one day you’re juggling elephants for charity and the next–
Superman: You have a problem with my charity work?
Batman: Making an orphan’s day brighter seems a bit “light” for a man who could hunt down everyone on the FBI’s most wanted list in a week.
Superman: Interesting…Coming from a man who uses his wealth to forward a near-pathological “war on crime” rather than feed the homeless in his own city.
Batman: Oh, so I should just throw money at Gotham’s problems? You’re more naive than I thought–
Superman: Look, Wayne, I came here because I thought maybe we should work more closely together considering we know one another’s secrets.
Batman: Oh, you mean like how you spend half your day playing reporter when you could be saving lives?

Superman/Batman Annual #2

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