Luke Cage: The world ain’t a nice place. If it was…We wouldn’t be who we are. You’re trying to make the world something it ain’t. And worse, you’re selling yourselves to do it. And who are you selling to? Huh? What you’re trying to do–it can’t be done. It’s not human nature.
Iron Man: Luke. I need to know. Will you sign on?
Luke Cage: Guess we’ll find out at midnight.
Iron Man: Luke, they will come to your home and they will take you out of here. And if that doesn’t work, they’ll call us in next. Do you want that? Is that what your goal is?
Luke Cage: Oh. Is it Mississippi in the 1950’s now?
Iron Man: Oh, come on!!
Luke Cage: The difference is…?
Iron Man: Stop it. Will you stop?
Luke Cage: Getting pulled out of your home in the middle of the night for being different is the same now as it was then.
Jessica Jones: Does have a timeless quality to it.
Luke Cage: Don’t it?
Iron Man: No. This is about breaking the law.
Luke Cage: Slavery used to be a law.
Iron Man: Luke…You’re twisting this. And I won’t hear it.
Luke Cage: You should hear it. You should turn those robot ears on real loud, because it is what it is, baby. You’re perverting it all. You’re distorting the ideas you said we stand for to the point that when you’re done with all of this…The ideas won’t mean anything. You’ll stand for nothing, except whatever “they” tell you to.

From – New Avengers Vol. 1 #22

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