One punch aftermath

Superman: You didn’t.
Wonder Woman: He did.
Superman: In the face?
Wonder Woman: He did.
Superman: Bruce?
Batman: I did. And I’d do it again.
Superman: That’s why you called us in? To brag? Bruce, you can’t punch other Leaguers like that! Especially Guy! People will–
Batman: Beetle laughed. So did Miracle. And J’onn smiled.
Superman: That’s not the point. When you kick a bees’ nest like Gardner–It felt good, didn’t it?
Batman: Like hiding Ollie’s arrows.
Wonder Woman: It was one punch, too. Dinah was so excited, she faxed me a photo.
Superman: She took photos?
Wonder Woman: Only of Guy lying on the floor. Just to shut him up.
Superman: C’mon. Bruce show us how the punch was…

From – Justice League of America Vol. 2 #0

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