Superman: I have to stop what? Stop saving lives? Stop bringing dictators to justice?
Batman: You’re scaring them.
Superman: Good! They should be scared. They should be too scared to press the button. They should be too scared to pull the trigger. They should be too scared to hurt each other. You taught me that.

Scared 2

Batman: Clark. I–
Superman: You’d do exactly what I’m doing if you were me–if you could do what I can.
Batman: You killed a man, Clark.

Scared 3

Superman: I did! And every time you let that madman live, how many more did you condemn? Did you even feel responsible? Did you even feel guilty?
Batman: Every time. But we don’t get to choose who dies.
Superman: One death. To save millions. One. Death.
Batman: It always starts with one.

From – Injustice Gods Among Us #10

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