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Superweapon of Atlantis

atlantean superweapon
Shazam: I don’t want to fight you, Arthur. Call off your army. Stand down. You’re outmatched.
Aquaman: Outmatched? No. The sea is deep and full of secrets.

atlantean superweapon 2

Shazam: What’s happening? Where is your army going?
Aquaman: As far away as they can.
Green Lantern: It’s a tsunami.
Hawk-girl: There’s something past it. I can see it. There’s something beyond the wave.

atlantean superweapon 3
Shazam: What…What is that?
Aquaman: Come on, Billy. You’re supposed to have the wisdom of Solomon in that head of yours. Use it.
Shazam: No…It’s a myth! It’s impossible.
Aquaman: Says the boy in a man’s body using powers given to him by a wizard.

Injustice Gods Among Us #11

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