X-Men: Second Coming is a Marvel storyline and the 3rd in the Messiah Trilogy centered around the perceived mutant messiah Hope Summers. It crosses over the following titles: Uncanny X-men Vol. 1, New Mutants Vol. 3, X-Men Legacy Vol. 1 and X-Force Vol. 3.

X-Men Second Coming Cover


A complete list of all X-Men: Second Coming posts in chronological order.

  1. Cable And Hope Summers (Second Coming)
  2. Cyclops Deploying The X-men
  3. Cable And Hope Summers VS The Right
  4. X-Men VS Sapien League (Second Coming)
  5. Bastion (Second Coming)
  6. Bastion’s Files (Second Coming)
  7. The X-Men Learns About X-Force
  8. Cable Teaches Hope Summers What A Motel Is
  9. Cable And Hope Summers VS The Purifiers (Second Coming)
  10. The Right’s Army Of Smilies
  11. How The Purifiers Took Out Magik
  12. How The Purifiers Disabled Nightcrawler’s Powers
  13.  The New Mutants VS The Right
  14. Archangel Kills William Stryker (Second Coming)
  15. How Karma Lost Her Leg
  16. The New Mutants VS Cameron Hodge (Second Coming)
  17. Death Of Ariel
  18. Rogue Is Overpowered
  19. X-Men VS The Right (Second Coming)
  20. Rogue VS Bastion (Second Coming)
  21. How Nightcrawler Died
  22. Cyclops Meets Hope Summers
  23. Magneto’s First Meeting With Hope Summers
  24. Nightcrawler’s Funeral
  25. The Mutant Response Division Takes Down The Vanisher
  26. Hope Summers VS Dani Moonstar
  27. Cyclops Kills Donald Pierce
  28. Bastion Traps Utopia Inside A Sphere
  29. The Avengers (Second Coming)
  30. Nimrods (Second Coming)
  31. How Hellion Lost His Arms
  32. The X-Men VS Nimrods (Second Coming)
  33. Cyclops Sends X-Force On A Suicide Mission
  34. Fantastic Four (Second Coming)
  35. Mister Fantastic Meets Doctor Nemesis
  36. Hope Summers Calls Cyclops An SOB
  37. Cyclops’s Speech During The Battle Of San Francisco (Second Coming)
  38. X-Force Travels Into The Future (Second Coming)
  39. Cyclops Fight Or Die (Second Coming)
  40. Hope Summers Rule On Crying
  41. Legion VS Nimrods (Second Coming)
  42. Colossus VS Nimrods (Second Coming)
  43. Why Cypher Is Dangerous
  44. Magneto (Second Coming)
  45. Magneto VS Nimrods (Second Coming)
  46. X-Force VS Master Mold (Second Coming)
  47. Cypher Shuts Down Master Mold
  48. Storm VS Nimrods (Second Coming)
  49. How Cable Died (Second Coming)
  50. Cable Describes How He Felt When He First Held Hope Summers
  51. Bastion Destroys The Golden Gate Bridge
  52. Hope Summers VS Bastion (Second Coming)
  53. Hope Summers Mutant Messiah
  54. Hope Summers Mourns Cable
  55. Cable’s Funeral
  56. Cyclops’s Punishment To Rogue
  57. Wolverine And Storm Mourns Nightcrawler
  58. Cyclops Disbands X-Force
  59. Namor Burns Beast
  60. Namor’s Attempt At Basketball
  61. Hope Summers Reactivates The Mutant Gene
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