7 corps charging their rings 1 7 corps charging their rings

From – Blackest Night #5

One thought on “7 Corps Charging Their Rings”
  1. I find it interesting that it’s directly indicated here that the Orange Light literally MAKES you hungrier, until you are craving more and more and more constantly, to the extent of never being fulfilled.

    I find it interesting primarily for the Fridge Horror element where you look at how actually quite *thin* Larfleeze is, and realize that Indigo-1 has to be right: in order to be that thin while eating constantly as he does (and I do mean constantly because at one point later, someone says they detect “emptiness” in him and the “joke” is his reply of “Is it my stomach? Because I haven’t eaten in a whole two hours!” – Implying he eats way more frequently than that during waking hours)…yeah, he would have to have a REALLY fast metabolism.

    In other words, it is canon that the Orange Light of Avarice not only makes those it infects FEEL hungry, it also speeds up their metabolisms to the point where they will ALWAYS actually Need More Food. Thus ensuring that they will never get what feels like enough, and thus probably ensuring they constantly give off Greed Energy that Ophidian (the Greed/Orange Light entity) can…presumably feed off in some way? Or at least gets sick pleasure out of causing in others. And god help you if you’re an Orange Lantern affected by this but don’t actually have access to Enough Food, of which you already need way more than normal, because the effects of starvation are not fun!

    This is really horrifying if you think about it. Because Ophidian is doing this to him and he’s completely blinded to it or just accepts it, because it’s stoking his overall Greed impulses and giving him so much power that he’s completely distracted from how it’s actively manipulating his body on a primal level to its own ends, in a way that is severely detrimental and outright puts his health and survival at constant risk.

    tldr: Larfleeze has an eating disorder and Ophidian is officially more horrifying to me than either Butcher or Parallax.

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