thomas wayne batman meets bruce wayne batman thomas wayne batman meets bruce wayne batman thomas wayne batman meets bruce wayne batman thomas wayne batman meets bruce wayne batman

Here we have the Bruce Wayne of the timeline before the New 52, meeting his father, Thomas Wayne, who’s from the Flashpoint Paradox universe.  The Flashpoint Paradox was the last DC event in which The Flash (Barry Allen) went back in time to stop the murder of his mother. This caused the timeline to change and gave birth to the Flashpoint Universe where a lot of major changes occurred. One of which being that Bruce Wayne was the one who got shot and died in the alley, prompting his father Thomas Wayne to become that timeline’s Batman. To fix the problem he caused, the Flash went back in time again and stopped his previous self from saving his mother. This act then caused the birth of a new timeline, the New 52.

From – Convergence #2

3 thoughts on “Batman Meets His Father Who’s Also Batman”
  1. Honestly it’s a huge spiderweb. I was pretty sure this world is Earth-2 and this is Dick Grayson before he takes on the Mantle. It’s funny both Helena and Dick met Prime earth in different timelines… Freaking crazy cause at times idk which is which. Dam writers.

    1. I’m not sure which version of Bruce Wayne that is supposed to be… The symbol on his chest looks like the 52 symbol in most of these panels, but that last panel it’s suddenly his pre 52 symbol?

  2. That is not the flashpoint Thomas Wayne. That is the Earth-Two Thomas Wayne. This version faked his death after being shot in the alley with Martha. This version watched Bruce grow up from a distance to become Batman and later die fighting Darkseid’s invasion of Earth-Two. After Bruce died, Thomas took on the mantel and later recruiting his earth Dick Grayson, whom on Earth 2 is a father himself.

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