Green Lantern: Rebirth is a DC Comics storyline featuring the return of Hal Jordan as the premier Green Lantern in DC continuity. It’s commonly accepted as the first of the Green Lantern trilogy along with Sinestro Corps War and Blackest Night, all written by Geoff Johns.


A complete list of all Green Lantern: Rebirth posts in chronological order.

  1. Green Lantern Kyle Rayner (Rebirth)
  2. The Spectre Judges Black Hand
  3. John Stewart Defends Hal Jordan From Batman
  4. How Hal Jordan’s Dad Died (Rebirth)   2
  5. Green Lantern Guy Gardner (Rebirth)
  6. Kilowog (Rebirth)
  7. Sinestro (Rebirth)
  8. Kilowog VS Ganthet (Rebirth)
  9. Why The Green Lantern Ring Didn’t Work On Yellow
  10. Hal Jordan Possessed By Parallax  3
  11. Sinestro VS Green Lantern And Green Arrow
  12. Green Arrow Uses A Green Lantern Power Ring
  13. Green Lantern Hal Jordan (Rebirth)
  14. Hal Jordan And Sinestro’s First Meeting (Rebirth)
  15. Green Lantern VS Sinestro (Rebirth)
  16. Kyle Rayner Shoots Sinestro In The Back With Arrows  5
  17. Hal Jordan Meets Kyle Rayner
  18. Parallax Recognizes Batman
  19. Hal Jordan Punches Batman
  20. Hal Jordan’s Description Of Each Green Lantern
  21. Green Lanterns VS Parallax-Ganthet
  22. Batman Welcomes Hal Jordan Back
  23. Hector Hammond (Rebirth)

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