Sinestro Volume 1 is the ongoing comic series published by DC Comics featuring Sinestro after the events of the Wrath of the First Lantern. Having helped the other Corps save the universe from the First Lantern and the mad Guardians, Sinestro took the Sinestro Corps and disappeared. In this series, we follow Sinestro’s journey as he regains control of his Corps. With Korugar destroyed, Sinestro has made it his personal crusade to save and band together the remaining Korugarians who survived their planet’s destruction.


sinestro volume 1

A complete list of all Sinestro Volume 1 posts in chronological order.

  1. Lyssa Drak Can Recharge A Yellow Ring
  2. Sinestro VS Arkillo
  3. Sinestro Destroys A Yellow Ring
  4. New Members Of The Sinestro Corps
  5. Romat-Ru Is Purged By The Paling
  6. Why Sinestro Is Immune To The Paling’s Purge
  7. Hal Jordan Is Sinestro’s Most Hated Enemy And Truest Friend
  8. Green Lantern Hal Jordan VS Sinestro’s Elite Guard
  9. Sinestro’s Complete Mastery Of Parallax  5
  10. Sinestro’s Leadership Style 7
  11. Sinestro Recruits Bekka Into The Sinestro Corps  7
  12. Sinestro Treats Parallax As A Pet  8
  13. Soranik Natu Joins The Sinestro Corps 12
  14. Nax Joins The Sinestro Corps  14
  15. Sinestro Corps VS AI Space Pirates  14
  16. The Sinestro Corps Own Manhunters 14
  17. Nax’s Psychic Vivisection Ability
  18. Lobo Is Chosen By A Sinestro Corps Ring   15
  19. Black Adam Joins The Sinestro Corps   17
  20. Wonder Woman And The Sinestro Corps
  21. Black Adam VS A Pale Vicar
  22. Superman Joins The Sinestro Corps
  23. Superman And Wonder Woman Joins The Sinestro Corps  19
  24. The Sinestro Corps VS The Paling
  25. Scarecrow, Harley Quinn And Deathstroke Joins The Sinestro Corps
  26. Sinestro’s Mass Recruitment For The Sinestro Corps
  27. Saint Walker Powers The Sinestro Corps
  28. Sinestro Corps Black Adam VS Pale Vicar Mongul
  29. Yellow Lantern Superman And Wonder Woman
  30. Sinestro’s Greatest Tragedies
  31. Sinestro Defeats The Pale Bishop
  32. Soranik Natu Becomes Leader Of The Sinestro Corps
  33. Superman And Wonder Woman Affected By Bekka’s Power
  34. Arkillo Is Assigned to Earth
  35. Sinestro Considers Black Adam A Friend
  36. Sinestro Corps (Sinestro #21)
  37. Dex-starr (Sinestro #22)
  38. The Black Circle Of The Sinestro Corps
  39. Red Lantern Corps (Sinestro #22)

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